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The experience and knowledge of our clients come first. Existing experience is the basis for solutions that are in the end supported by everyone in your organization. And the insights from the project must be retained in the team. Permanently.


The market is passing you? You are caught in "we have always done it this way"? Your organization has to reinvent itself? Such a transformation requires clear goals, a shared vision. And experienced implementation.
Supply Network Management
Your procurement is doing a swell job in supporting the business. But you want more! With the enormous external value generation you have, purchasing has to become a strategic business driver. For that change the need support in daily operations and the knowledge, what the supply network management of the future will look like.
Leadership and Culture
Your organization's culture is okay, but real life is different? Employees talk about bad management, although results are coming in? A culture that really fits the organization and a management team that is a role model for this culture will safeguard you long-term success. And it's fun!
Big group events
How do you get a large group or all your employees to shape their future together? Without leaving the stale taste that it all was just window dressing? With the right methodology and facilitation such an event will be successful, event with more than 1,000 participants!
Interim Management

One of your senior management dropped out unplanned? You need somebody to quickly take over, with deep leadership experience and who has proven many times to be able to swiftly grasp highly complex situations? In short, someone who enables your organization to deliver at its best!

Program- and Project Management
You embarked on a large project that you want to do with your own resources? But you are lacking a project leader with the right experience in running large-scale business projects? But then, you are not looking for the typical consultant who will only try to sell you more of his people?


Add a strategic dimension to your procurement activities!


Yes! Because especially small and mid-size companies are building their world-class position upon their operational excellence! And that is exactly where their procurement people are! However, most of these companies just do not have the critical mass to build and fully utilize a specific strategic sourcing group. And without proper utilization, you are not building the type of experience matching your word-class position.

The solution? An experienced, external CPO ("Chief Procurement Officer") joining you exactly to take care of these strategic tasks. All the while, your own procurement people stay in the driver's seat and take all decisions. This way, your own people are building competence and experience. And once your business has achieved critical mass, your own team simply takes over strategic sourcing.

Your advantages:

  • Substantially lower cost than maintaining your own strategic sourcing function.
  • You have access to an experienced CPO, supplying you and your team with insights from different industries and global supply markets.
  • Through constant involvement of the same person you are working with someone who really knows you company, your business, your employees and your management. Someone who can get going on a day's notice!
  • After the initial creation of the sourcing strategies, this external colleague if joining you on-site for specific, agreed occasions: annual update of the sourcing strategies, half-year progress review, possibly monthly meetings of the procurement management team. In between, agreed action plans are executed and you team is able to fully focus on day-to-day business: keeping your world class position!
  • For important negotiations, your team can immediately pull in an experienced consultant for preparations or a "ghost negotiator" – a seasoned negotiator, available as coach to the team during breaks in negotiations, without becoming visible to the other side.
Sourcing Strategy

The overall sourcing strategy determines the framework for individual commodity strategies and for strategic action plans.

Commodity Strategies

The commodity strategies fix specific targets and plans for each commodity group.

Strategic Roadmap

The internal strategic roadmap plans and prioritizes actions to develop the team, the underlying processes, and the tools employed for all procurement related activities.